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Wine list workshops - Miriam Spiers

We are often guilty of focusing on only tasting wine. Alliance Wine went into business to improve the wine that we all drink, as well as share wine knowledge. We are always looking for ways to do more for our customers than just sell wine.

Do we do enough for the on-trade to ensure that the amazing wines that we have find their way to the actual consumer? Is opening bottles at our large tastings enough to introduce a new wine? How would the consumer know about all these “hidden treasures”? How do we help our clients if they don’t have a full team of sommeliers to hand-sell every wine?

We are keen on sharing our tricks to fully understand the role and the value of a good wine list!

Miriam Spiers

In August this year, we introduced a new Wine List Workshop for our On Trade customers to help them evolve their wine lists into tools that really sell.

Many newly appointed managers and wine waiters need help to formulate wine lists that are aligned to their customers and their food menu. A wine list that express the character of the place and reflects the trends in the market. Something that resonates with their customers and makes the experience better. A wine list that is easy to manage and makes money.

The workshop is an interactive brainstorming session, looking at and reviewing many wine lists. Understanding the pros and cons, trying to see how people purchase wine. How should we be describing wine? What descriptions are relevant? Why does this wine list make sense for their customer? How do we get people to buy the best bottle for them?

At Alliance, we’ve always looked for ways to do more for our customers than just sell some wine. Many of us in the wine industry are guilty for focusing only on the tastings. Showing new wines to decision-makers and hoping that they will find their way to the consumer. But do they? What about places that don’t have enough staff on the ground to hand-sell these wines? What about places that struggle to put together a good wine list? How do they sell these wines?

It is not enough to sell them to the decision-maker, we need to work harder to help these wines to be sold, to be drunk with food. We need to continue to support the decision-maker and their staff to achieve this. Wine lists are a key tool in achieving this, but they are so often overlooked or under-utilised.

This is one very small step on a long journey that all of us in the wine trade should be taking. We need to think of more than just showing off lovely wines, with great stories, origins and credentials. Celebrating quality and diversity – they are so many that deserve to be enjoyed! After all, that is why we went to this business – to share these wonderful discoveries and our knowledge with the rest of the wine world.

If this appeals, resonates, or just makes you curious then get in touch as we will be doing more of these Wine List Workshops in 2022 and helping more of our customers sell wine better.

If you would like to arrange a visit, contact your rep or email us.

"This program is a fantastic tool to offer additional support to customers. It allows me to offer a straightforward and effective solution to create a slick wine offering that is easy to navigate, improving the experience of their guests and increasing revenue for my customers."
Alex Baudouin