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Bodegas Gratias, Comboi, Vino Ancestral Rosado, Manchuela, 2022

Product code: 4392
Bodegas Gratias, Comboi, Vino Ancestral Rosado, Manchuela, 2022

Producer Profile

When Ana and Iván got together for a party with some oenologist friends in 2007, they decided to make some wine and put it in a barrel.

The results of this first vintage were astonishing and so Bodegas Gratias was born. After the success of the first vintage, they realised they had a chance to make a difference. In a region with a declining wine industry, Ana and Iván are on a mission to protect old vineyards of Bobal, Tardana and other local varieties, championing the vinous heritage of the area. They champion Manchuela as a region capable of producing exciting and relevant wines that draw on the best of tradition and indigenous varieties, yet with a spin that is undeniably looking to the future. These wines are artisanal and as natural as they come, being organically grown, fermented with natural occurring yeasts and minute sulphur additions, if any.


The Comboi wines are cultivated, produced and sold with the utmost respect, honesty, happiness and hope of all those who work with them. The Comboi project is all about respect for the local environment. Coming from am area of Manchuela that sits outside the DO, this old Bobal vineyard supports 40 year old vines tended using organic and sustainable viticulture methods. Bush vines, with no irrigation, the vineyard is situated in Alborea at about 700m. The soil is clay- calcareous, deep and poor in organic matter.


Artisanal in every sense, from the sustainable agriculture and minimal intervention to the ancestral methods used in the winemaking. Direct pressing without maceration in a vertical press. Fermentation in small stainless steel tanks at a constant 18°C for 3 weeks. Bottled by hand before the yeasts consume all of the sugars which would otherwise end the fermentation. The bottles are then rested laying down over winter until disgorgement so that the lees have more contact with the wine, at which point the bottles are inverted so that the sediment plug is discharged during disgorgement.

Oak Ageing

No oak ageing

Tasting Note

"Comboi", is a local Valencian expression that is used when a group of people come together to have a good time, full of enthusiasm and joy, a bit like the wine! This is a Pet Nat lightly sparkling wine created "metodo ancestral" from 100% Bobal grapes. Strawberry coloured fizz made with minimal intervention, offering up fine bubbles, aromas of red fruit and brioche notes. An enticing bitter dry twist on the finish adds freshness and makes this perfect to serve with food.

Food Matching

Pairs well with sea food like steamed mussles, Atlantic oysters and salted fish!

Technical Details
Bobal 100%
Vegetarian Vegan Certified Organic

Crown Seal


Other sparkling wine

Case Size:
6 x 75cl