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Baglio Gibellina, Italy

The ancient and unchanged land of Sicily is truthfully reflected in the wines of Baglio Gibellina.

‘Baglio’ refers to the original internal courtyard of the farm, surrounded by a series of old rural warehouses once used for the collection and processing of grapes. Dominating the valley, it is surrounded by the hills of Salemi and Santa Ninfa, the landscape marked by rolling vineyards, broom and prickly pears. Old vine planted between 300-600m above sea level are grown on a mixture of clay and volcanic soils, resulting in wines that encapsulate ancient family traditions, authenticity and quality, with immense charm and easy appeal.


The landscape is dotted with vineyards, olive groves, citrus trees, juniper trees and fichi d’India trees. The blue of the sky and of the sea on the horizon form the backdrop to a mixture of colours that are typically Mediterranean. The sunsets that can be witnessed from the Baglio are spectacular, during the night the mixture of lights that stretches into the distance enhances the “noise” of the silence.

  • Some of the production is certified organic.
  • U. Passimiento is a blend produced from Frappato as soon as the grapes mature and then blended with Nero d'Avola grapes that are late harvested once they have withered and dehydrated.