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Bruma del Estrecho de Marin, Spain

A deeply personal project from Elena Pacheco and Isio Ramos, encapsulating the very different reflections of terroir on their much loved Monastrell grape.

Each wine, all DO Jumilla but from different old vine plots, express startling individuality based on their microclimate, soil, location and age of the vines. Sites across two locations, Marín and Las Encebras, three specific plots, Mandiles, Vereda, Particiones, and one estate, Casa Quemada.


Bruma is an exciting interpretation of Jumilla and brings lightness, complexity and elegance to this hot, arid, and often monolithic region. With Bruma, Elena and Isio strive to celebrate Monastrell’s quality, with a commitment which means wines are only made in vintages that display the honest expression of the vineyard and location. “The most important thing for us is that when all the wines are tasted, you can appreciate the difference in soil (sandy, stony, or more limestone), the age of the vineyard, the altitude, whether it is a colder or warmer area”.


Fermented using natural yeasts in various vessels from fudres and demijohns to oak and concrete, with the aim to allow the grapes from each specific vineyard site to express themselves fully and authentically.

  • Jumilla at its most expressive and authentic … wines which speak of the soil and location more than the grape variety.
  • Elena Pacheco and Isio Ramos are masters at identifying specific vineyards sites with which to make these precise and definitive expressions of the Monastrell grape.
  • Ultimate respect is given to the land and these precious old vines which struggle and survive in this hot arid region … ‘extreme viticulture’ is not too dramatic a description!