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Domaine Klur, France

Certified organic and following biodynamic practices, this small estate of just 7 hectares is nestled on steep slopes in the heart of Alsace.

Whilst Clement Klur is still very much involved at every stage from vine to bottle, he has now joined forces with his good neighbour, Leon Heitzmann, and their joint effort in the vineyards is reflected in the increasing quality of the wines. These vineyards are tranquil places, full of fruit trees dotted amongst the vines which attract and offer shelter to local wildlife. This symbiotic relationship helps maintain the health and balance of their land. The steep vineyards means the harvest is carried out by hand, allowing the pickers to be very selective and gentle in choosing the healthiest fruit to ensure that the resulting wine is always of the highest quality.


The Klurs are doing what the family had done ever since the 17th century: producing the best wines that the soil can generate. Nestled in a small valley in the middle of the region, the vineyards are protected from the strong westerly winds. The average vine age is at least 50 years old, with deep roots into the soil the wines are well structured, complex and full bodied.


Only native yeasts are used in the winery and minimal use of sulphur in all of the wines. The Cremant has Zero added SO2

  • Ecologically, the Klurs do whatever they can to work on harmony with nature and reduce the impact in the environment.
  • Certified organic and following biodynamic practices
  • They prohibit the use of non organic fertiliser, instead using natural composts.