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Terres Fidèles, France

Over the last two decades we’ve been creating wines in the wilds of southern France

Embarking on adventures; exploring, discovering and rediscovering remarkable places and vineyard sites. From the foothills and valleys beneath the iconic Pyrénées, out through the gorges to the coastal areas of the Mediterranean. We’ve journeyed with our friends and exceptional growers, who excel at their craft and have an inherent respect for the land that they and theirs are a part of. It is these people and places that inspire our winemaking. The wines of Terres Fidèles are designed to express the spirit of this extraordinary place, old vine Grenache, Carignan, Malbec, Cinsault, Viognier and more, that are authentically crafted, small batch wines of the wilds.


We chose a special place to explore many years ago. Roussillon is a place of remarkable stories where layers of history are embedded in the raw and wild landscape. There have been many journeys through its gorges and valleys by people from many cultures. We respect what’s gone before and have a responsibility to protect yet share its spirit


Small batch, high end AOP quality wines that have been de-classified for various reasons, as they tend to be single varietal expressions. These wines highlight individual components of Roussillon’s great wines. They show the full colour palate of the region. Grapes tend to be harvested earlier and undergo less extraction than what is expected of the region to emphasis natural aromatics and brightness. To quote Einstein, “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.” The wines from Cami del Drac follow this approach, they are pure expressions of the Roussillon.

  • High altitude Roussillon vineyards are planted within a natural amphitheatre, situated on steep mountain slopes that lead all the way down to the edge of the Mediterranean Sea.
  • These wines are crafted from coveted sites. Low yielding, old vineyards, prized for their unique character.
  • Hand crafted by our very own Fergal Tynan MW and Emmanuel Cazes to cultivate wines typical of the garrigue terroir.