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Though we both share a love of history, we're not bound by tradition and so Mago y Granjero is an exploration of what is exceptional - whether it already has recognition or not

Giles Cooke MW Mago y Granjero

Mago y Granjero

Micro Negotiante y Elabaradores, Spain

Inspired by Spain's  largely untapped fine wine resources, long term friends, colleagues and Masters of Wine,Fergal Tynan and Giles Cooke set off on a journey to find unsung heroes, be they growers or winemakers.

Drawing on a mutual love of history, Fergal's intense interest in wine terroirs and Giles' instincts for flavour, they began to unearth great wines whose stories were, thus far, untold.

Convinced by character, quality and authenticity and sceptical of apathy and bureaucracy borne of tradition, Mago y Granjero seek out exceptional Spanish wines capable of illuminating the incredible potential of this vast and noble land.

Each wine is the result of a long journey. Each wine is hand made. Each wine reflects the personality of the land and the subtle imprint of man. Every wine is a wine of which we are proud.

Our First Journey

That Spain is the 2nd highest country in Europe is a fact that has escaped the many who assume that Spain is all barren plains and sun baked terraces. The central plateau (meseta) is home to many of the countries most famous regions, where the grapes are made to toil against the vicissitudes of both heat and extreme cold.

We've always been fascinated by some of the lesser known areas within Castile y Leon and longed to produce a wine that spoke more of individual sites rather than of the esteem of one particular region.

In order to truly reflect these goals, we took the path less trodden (as we are inclined to do) and decided that we would be best served by making a wine that did not necessarily have to comply with local D.O regulations and where we had complete freedom to find the best fruit and make the best wine.

The results of our first journey are to be found in Cabrito Oscuro. Meaning the "black goat", the name is a reflection of our desire to break the mould, stand out from the pack and to take the path less trodden. There is always a hidden meaning in much that we do but for now we will keep this a secret.

We were helped on our first journey by revered winemaker Ana Martin to whom we owe a great debt for her patience and advice in finding the right sites and in making the wine with us.

Sourced from old vine, dry grown, bush vine Tempranillo grown in a single vineyard in the D.O of Cigales, Cabrito Oscuro belies the humble reputation of this area and reinforces the belief that many ofSpain's best sites are still to become famous.

"Tiny yields and small berries make for potentially robust, burly wines and while Cabrito Oscuro possesses a firm structure, the fruit is balanced, pure and long. Oak is present, never dominating and acts to "season" the fruit, coaxing layer upon layer of complex flavours to flow."