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Vinos Más Buscados

The Most Wanted Wines in Spain

Vinos Más Buscados

Literally meaning "the most wanted", Vinos Más Buscados is a collection of wines grown and nurtured in the Southern half of Spain, mainly in the area known as La Mancha. Inspired by our desire to respect tradition but innovate to improve and reward, Más Buscados itself was driven by the goal of putting the spotlight on site selection and improved fruit handling to lift the potential for this area.

Now encompassing the terrific value of Castillo del Moro and the organic credentials of Campo Flores, Centelleo, and Torre Solar, Vinos Más Buscados is a reflection of all that is best in modern Spanish wine making.

Más Buscados

Only selected, low yielding, un-irrigated vineyards are used for the Más Buscados wines. Green Harvest is vital in order to get the fruit concentration that sets the wines apart as is harvesting by hand at optimal ripeness.

Castillo del Moro

Castillo del Moro wines are crafted from fruit grown in some of the best vineyards in the region. Careful selection of the fruit pre and post harvesting is followed by meticulous vinification and a rigorous blending regime results in freshness, balance and great purity. Castillo del Moro combine the traditional varieties of the region with those more internationally recognised to create wines that represent the very best of modern Spain but always referring to a tradition that goes back centuries.

Campo Flores

The sun drenched vineyards of La Mancha in central Spain provide the perfect natural backdrop to organic grape growing and its with these grapes that the wines of Campo Flores are crafted. Evoking memories of less intense farming and honest produce, Campo Flores wines taste naturally good. A vivacious and tangy white and a succulent, juicy red these wines bring together all that is good in modern Spanish winemaking.

Torre Solar

The name Torre Solar takes its name from the prototype solar tower built on the outskirts of the winemaking town of Manzanares, providing sustainable energy to the area. At the cutting edge of experimentation in alternative energies the contrast between the new solar tower and the traditional old windmills is striking. Torre Solar wines contrast the old and the new, selecting from long standing individual vineyard sites, vinifying them in a modern way to retain freshness and fruit and providing a beacon of quality for the region.


Centelleo is derived from the word to sparkle and since Centelleo was launched it has been a shining beacon of great value and quality. These wines benefit from modern vinification technology as well as the choice of prime vineyards to select the grapes from. The result is a beautifully packaged wines which, with their myriad of flavours, is sure to light up any occasion.