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Cave de Ribeauvillé, Alsace

Cave de Ribeauvillé have been reserve its spirit of solidarity and efficiency since 1895

The vineyards of Ribeauvillé have been there since the beginning of time. The Lords of Ribeaupierre and the Benedictine monks were the first to utilise the abundance of natural resources: with its south facing slopes and varying top soils.

Despite a history of civil unrest in this area of France from 1895, the Cave de Ribeauvillé has managed to preserve its spirit of solidarity and efficiency in winemaking. From generation to generation, vintage to vintage, grape growers have called for independence in making their own wine without interference.

The Cave de Ribeauvillé covers a single vineyard of 265 hectares including 8 Grands Crus and other plots of notable quality. The total surface area is managed by a quality chart, which guarantees strict control of yields, sustainable growth, organic practices, and of course……a manual harvest. 

Hand harvesting allows a strict selection process of the best grapes that are then transported in small wagons to the press, without any pumping or additional handling. The juices flow into the vats below by employing gravity. This method, unique in Alsace, enables all of the aromatic virtues of each varietal to be preserved. The wines express all the richness and diversity of the Alsatian soils. They are pure and honest wines, with nice freshness and aromatic intensity.

The selection that we have chosen are all 100% organic!