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Beppe Morchetta, Italy

Beppe Morchetta encapsulates Italian style and good taste with a pair of wines from selected vineyards in the Veneto region of north-eastern Italy.

Unmistakably Italian in presentation and character. The ‘rosso’ is a characterful blend of Merlot and indigenous Corvina, offering up bright cherry and plum flavours; whilst ‘bianco’ combines Garganega and Chardonnay, a true reflection of this specific terroir close to the town of Soave.


Grapes are harvested from young vines planted on the hillsides along the southern shore of Lake Garda. The combination of deep, mineral rich soils, a temperate climate, with milder winters and cooler summers than in many neighbouring areas, and the cooling influence of the lake itself, makes this the perfect location for producing expressive and accessible wines.


Vinification takes place at the winery close to the shores of Lake Garda. Fermentation in stainless steel to maintain the bright and expressive fruit character of the grapes.

  • A stylish blend of international and indigenous grapes, wrapped up with unmistakable Italian style.
  • Selected from vineyards in the Veneto region close to Lake Garda; famous for the wines of Valpolicella, Soave and Prosecco.
  • Bright, appealing and versatile, with an easy going style, abundant character and good with a wide variety of dishes.