Il Borghetto, Italy

The Azienda Agricola Il Borghetto do things differently in this most well known and established region of Italy.

Led by English winemaker Tim Manning who cut his vinous teeth in vintages in Oregon, there is a determination to show the potential of the region. As a result he is at odds with the Consorzio of Chianti Classico over his methods and approach.


Treating Sangiovese more like Pinot Noir to explore what Tim sees as its untapped potential he ferments in concrete after it being cultivated with organic and biodynamic practices and finally it is bottled in Burgundy shaped bottles to aid development. Doing all this has resulted in the wines being declassificated to IGP status. This has not bothered Tim one jot, with repeated top accolades from the well regarded L'Espresso guide and gaining respect from Jancis, their approach is validated. With only a third of the 30ha estate under vine producing less than 1600 cases a year they are a small, but bright thread in Chianti's tapestry. There are about twenty or so small blocks of Vineyard at Il Borghetto, each differing slightly from the other, be it in grape variety or clone, or a difference in soil type and slope aspect. They treat each one as a separate entity so that their individual characters can contribute a particular something to the final blend. Working sustainably and organically although not certified.


Each block is fermented, pressed, racked and barrel aged separately. By bottling in Burgundy bottles, the regulations from the Consorzio of Chianti Classico means the wines are declassified to IGP status.

  • Works sustainably and organically although uncertified. Most of the power comes from solar panels.
  • Smale scale production (1600 cases)
  • Treating Sangiovese more like Pinot Noir to explore the untapped potential the wine is fermented in concrete and wins top accolades from the well regarded L'Espresso guide and is gaining respect from