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The pace of change in Chile has been impressive with new regions emerging and earning their place for their individual specialisms.

Chile 2017 …. 

This past year has seen us venturing to the deep south of Chile.  After many, many miles on dusty roads our travels were rewarded when we found the wild and wonderful new wines that we have added to our portfolio this year from Bio Bio, Maule and Itata.

The vineyards of the deep south are like no other part of Chile. A visit to these regions offers a chance to experience another side to Chile - where the old practices are still the current ones and the scale is still small. The vineyards vary from organic to simply wild, all dry farmed, the work is done by hand, by family and by friends. This is Chile Profundo - the truest expression, the original version, a place where less intensive agriculture remains the norm and where dinner often comes from the garden outside. The wines from our new producers, Tinto de Rulo and Estacion Yumbel are not to be missed. These wines really show a different side to Chile which is both old fashioned and yet bang on trend.

The aim of our refreshed portfolio from Chile is to show the best of this increasingly diverse country. From Espinos y Cardos we have added a very cool climate Sauvignon Blanc to the Santa Macarena range. Joining its Pinot Noir sibling from the same exceptional site, a mere 3.5km from the Pacific Ocean, it is a must try wine this year, offering outstanding value and wonderful complexity that truly represents its provenance.

Chile is coming of age, it has much more to offer than just good value single variety wines, it is a country that is rediscovering its vinous past and pushing the development of its diversity. It should not be overlooked by the connoisseur or the restaurateur. The possibility for great food friendly wine that can surprise and excite is growing all the time.