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Our collective New Year wish for 2018 was that we never see another vinous year like 2017 again. An unholy trinity of devastating frosts, drought and new regulations have had a terrible effect on wine availability from the 2017 vintage. It was the smallest harvest in Italy since 1947 with production in Tuscany down, incredibly, almost half on the previous year

Notwithstanding these challenges, we are confident that we will continue to build on the desire for interesting Italian wine from our customers and we are sure it will be further buoyed by the additions of a raft of fantastic new producers such as Riecine from Chianti, La Crotta de Vegneron from Val d'Aosta, Feudo Antico from Abruzzo, Zaccanigni from Marche and Tenute Rubino from Puglia.

As you can see from this selection of producers, the variety and diversity of the Italian wine scene is still fascinating. Every year we seem to come across more wonderful small producers who believe in the same things that we do. A desire to work with the land rather than against it, realising that the hard work is done in the vineyard, not the winery. People who love what they do and are, rightly, proud of how they work and what they produce. This doesn't necessarily mean working in any particular way, be that organic, biodynamic or natural - whatever that means! - but being aware of their responsibilities to the land and each other, producing the best wine they can in the gentlest way possible.