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The west coast of America was given a terrifying and destructive Autumn. For several weeks, some of the worst wild fires ever seen in the state of California raged through the heart of wine country. Sadly, there was much general destruction and loss of life, which has unsurprisingly scarred the region, the industry and many hearts. In the end, the effect on the wine industry was not as drastic as it could have been. Most grapes had been harvested and miraculously a lot of wineries escaped unscathed.

In counter point to these sad events it is positive to see that the popularity of California continues to grow and the appreciation our portfolio goes from strength to strength.  The inimitable Paul Hobbs continues to produce his wonderfully elegant wines from Russian River and Napa Valley. His Chardonnay, Pinot Noirs, and of course, Cabernet Sauvignons continue to win new friends with all who taste them. His low interventionist beliefs, meticulous attention to detail and seemingly unceasing energy reserves continues to drive his winery forward always looking to improve.

During its first year with us District 7 has established itself as a firm favourite, winning recommendations and fans in equal measure. A great pure variety range that really delivers quality at a competitive price for California and with great provenance coming from moderate climate of Monterey, it is clear why California remains so popular.