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Whilst often ignored by UK consumers, Romania has as long a history of  producing wine as France and certainly far longer than any of these upstart  'New World' countries. Originally planted by the Romans, Romanian viticulture  took a long while to come to grips with the challenges of post communist society.

Collective farms were returned to the thousands of original owners of the land, many of whom had emigrated. Philip Cox of Calusari and Umbrele wines notes that whilst the land itself was good value, it has cost him a fortune to locate the legal owners of the small plots which now form the basis of his large estate.

We believe that the quality of the wines and their exceptional value means that Romania has a bright future ahead of it. At Alliance we have put our money where our mouth is and at the time of writing this we now list 8 wines. The Pinot Noir is particularly worth tasting, much better than many a Bourgogne Rouge and a third of the price!