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Exporting Excellence

Alliance Wine is the creator and producer of a range of exciting and original wines from around the world. 

We make wine in Australia, Spain, Chile, France and Italy. Our range varies from hand made micro-cuvĂ©es through to quirky, authentic brands.  We sell our wines in more than 10 countries worldwide. We utilise our extensive on-the-ground experience and make wine in countries that we are deeply passionate about.

Our wines have won awards and are proven market leaders for value and style. We have not one, but two Masters of Wine whose winemaking skills, market knowledge and commercial experience are invaluable in our partnerships.

We are constantly on the look out for like-minded export partners so please get in touch if you are interested in finding out more.

Download our full  international portfolio                                     @Alliance_world

Authentically Australian Wines with a Celtic twist.

Spanish food and wine is a passion. So much so that we have an array of exciting winemaking projects to whet the appetite.

The most complex but compelling of countries, Italy is home to some of Alliance's most exciting projects.

Getting back to our roots, Alliance has been truffling around the back roads of France to uncover some vinous gems.

This vinous paradise is our new playground. Check out our Latin spirit.

The Cape's amphitheatre of vines is home to Alliance Wine South Africa. Check out our South African gems.